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Re: [HTCondor-users] high priority DAGMAN processing

On 02/29/2016 03:42 PM, Mary Romelfanger wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Can I make one dagman more important than others including anything else in the backlog of IDLE condor_dagman jobs in a one user environment?  
 NOTE:  In operations this is a one user environment, so user priority settings are not relevant.

Good Morning:

In the case where all the jobs are coming from the same user, you can use HTCondor's job priority to influence which idle job goes next when a machine becomes available.  Note this is completely different than the similarly-named user priority.  HTCondor wlil not preempt lower job-priority jobs in favor of better job-priority, so this seems like the mechanism that would best suit your requirements.

You can set the job priority globally in a dag via the dagman PRIORITY directive, or with the condor_submit_dag -prio command line option.

I see that TotalSchedulerJobsRunning is my  limiter for the number of Running condor_dagman jobs.   I am considering moving the schedd to a separate vm, and playing with setting that number larger, but with regular exposures and  reprocessing exposures, I will probably always have idle dagman jobs that I need to leap frog over.

TotalSchedulerJobsRunning constrains the number of dags runnable themselves.  Unfortunately, if you hit this limit, Condor does not keep the highest priority dags running.  How many dags do you have running and idle?  Probably the best approach is to raise the TotalSchedulerJobsRunning constraint, unless it is so high the the machine is swapping.