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Re: [HTCondor-users] why does htcondor change sysctl params, and why is this done outside of /etc/sysctl.{d, conf} ?

On 1/14/16 6:06 AM, SCHAER Frederic wrote:
> If htcondor wants to modify such  system settings, could this please
> be done in a reversible/documented/standard way ? What's the
> rationale for setting this so high ?

Because using the sysctl command is the standard way to tune the kernel
on UNIX and UNIX-like systems.

/etc/sysctl.d is a Debianism; it does not exist on RHEL and its
derivatives, nor are you likely to find it on BSD and BSD-ish systems --
but you will find it on Debian kFreeBSD. /etc/sysctl.conf is more common
but it is not universal; Macintosh has neither sysctl.conf nor sysctl.d.

The sysctl command is something you will find on nearly every UNIX and
UNIX-like system you are likely to encounter. This makes it the defacto


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