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[HTCondor-users] set docker user ID


I run a script in a docker universe with a git clone command. When I ran the docker container and run the script there, it's fine. When I send the script via HTCondor git stop with: "fatal: unable to look up current user in the passwd file: no such user"

The user in docker has the ID 65534. This user ID doesn't exist in the file /etc/passwd inside the docker container. This brings git to stop.

My question is: is there an option in HTCondor to set the user ID for the docker container?

At the moment I have a workaround: Edit a user condor with the ID 65534 in the docker container. I do this in the Dockerfile with:
 RUN mkdir -p /home/condor
 RUN echo 'condor::65534:0::/home/condor:/bin/bash' >> /etc/passwd