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Re: [HTCondor-users] demise of condor view?

From: "Feldt, Andrew N." <afeldt@xxxxxx>
Date: 01/29/2016 01:27 PM
> Is there any plan for a replacement for CondorView now that Oracle has
> officially announced the end of support for Java plugins?  (Or is there
> something else out there already to look at the long term stats?)

> Andy

I'd recommend Ganglia. Support for it is built in to HTCondor via the "GANGLIAD" daemon_list item, and the Ganglia packages are available on EPEL and elsewhere. I just set it up on one of our pools, and will probably be using it in the rest of them in the near future. I wish I'd done it years ago instead of writing my own quick and dirty replacement for CondorView with Perl and GNUplot due to the unsurprising ban on the Java plugin in our classified networks.

Ganglia has a much nicer interface than CondorView, though you may need a bit of tweaking or some contributed code to get comparable graphs out of Ganglia. Does anyone else have suggestions along those lines?

        -Michael Pelletier.