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Re: [HTCondor-users] load_profile and run_as_owner

Sorry, there is no workaround for loading the profile of a run_as_owner user.  


Your only option for now is to setup dedicated slot users with the necessary registry settings, and use load_profile = true.


There is a comment in the code dating from 2008 indicating that we would like to address this deficiency.



    NOTE: We currently *ONLY* support loading slot-user profiles.

    This limitation will be addressed shortly, by allowing regular

    users to load their registry hive - Ben [2008-09-31]



The developer who wrote that comment is no longer contributing to HTCondor, and none of those who are still here know why this restriction exists.  The core HTCondor team doesn’t really have the resources to work on this. But we would welcome a patch to fix this problem.  It might be simple to thing to fix for someone who has access to Windows machines on a domain.   If you are interested in contributing, please contact me and I’ll help you get started.





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We need to run condor jobs in remote machines using run_as_owner..

Both the remote user and the user of the machine where the job is executed are in the same domain.

When we monitor the access to the registry done by the job, if we run the job as a local user, it accesses the registry key HKU\xxx where xxx is the registry hive for the local user.

However, when the job is run by a remote user, it will try to access the registry key for the remote user HKU\yyy which does not exist, and thus causes the job failure

This could be fixed by using load_profile, but in the documentation, it is mentioned that both features are currently not compatible

Isn’t there a workaround to solve this issue?


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