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[HTCondor-users] persistency of generic ClassAds

Hi all,

I some questions about their persistency

 - afais ClassAd key:value pairs cannot be updated individually but the
whole set has to be rewritten, or?
   I.e., after I set some generic ClassAds [1,2], I updated(?) the
generic set setting only one key-value-pair and followingly all
previously set but not mentioned again ClassAds became undefined [3,4]

 - how persistent are generic ClassAds? Will they survive a reboot of
the Collector, i.e., are they written to disk somewhere?

 - can I start with default values set by a node?
   I.e., Since I found no matching hits in a quick google search, I
already tried (without success), if one can set ClassAds similar to
adding daemon attributes [5]?
   - would that make actually sense? Or would any manually set ClassAd
be overwritten again the next time a node's master speaks with the

Cheers and thanks,

> test_batch0930.ad
MyType = "Generic"
TestKernel = "2.3.5"
TestDoStuff = True
TestStatusThing = "bar"
Name = "batch0930.desy.de"
Machine = "batch0930.desy.de"

> condor_status -generic -constraint 'regexp(".*batch0930.*", Name)' -long
LastHeardFrom = 1469614306
AuthenticatedIdentity = "unauthenticated@unmapped"
MyAddress = "<>"
UpdatesHistory = "00000000000000000000000000000000"
UpdatesLost = 0
UpdatesSequenced = 0
TestStatusThing = "bar"
Machine = "batch0930.desy.de"
TestDoStuff = true
TestKernel = "2.3.5"
UpdatesTotal = 6
Name = "batch0930.desy.de"
MyType = "Generic"

> test_batch0930_2.ad
MyType = "Generic"
TestStatusThing = "ALERT"
Name = "batch0930.desy.de"
Machine = "batch0930.desy.de"

> condor_status -generic -constraint 'regexp(".*batch0930.*\.desy\.de",
Name)' -af name TestStatusThing TestDoStuff TestKernel
batch0930.desy.de ALERT undefined undefined

[5] # (GENERIC_ATTRS certainly wrong...)
> /etc/condor/config.d/99test.conf
GENERIC_TestKernel = False
GENERIC_TestDoStuff = False
GENERIC_TestStatusThing = False
TestKernel = False
TestDoStuff = False
TestStatusThing = False
GENERIC_ATTRS = TestKernel, TestDoStuff, TestStatusThing, $(GENERIC_ATTRS)

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