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[HTCondor-users] Heads up about new default output for condor_q

Beginning with the 8.5.6 release, condor_q will default to showing what is currently the –batch mode output.

The upcoming new 8.6 stable series will do this also.   


For those who haven’t played with the 8.5 condor_q yet, the new –batch output shows one line of output

For each ‘batch’ of jobs like this. 


-- Schedd: submit-5.hostname : <ip_address:9618?...

OWNER        BATCH_NAME                            SUBMITTED   DONE   RUN    IDLE   HOLD  TOTAL JOB_IDS

Bob          CMD: chtcjobwrapper                  2/15 21:14      _      _      _    124      _ 1300.0-124

Bob          learning_curve.dag+17358230          4/20 18:05      1      2      _      _      5 1973.351-471

Alice        mydag.dag+16258731                   3/17 17:25   9898      1      1      _   9900 1625.0 ... 1626.4998

John         My Simple Job                        4/1  16:18      _      _      _      1      _ 1701.0

. . .

47437 jobs; 0 completed, 2 removed, 33738 idle, 12341 running, 1356 held, 0 suspended


WARNING: If you have scripts that are parsing the default output of condor_q (i.e. not –format or –af or –hold, etc) they will stop working!

If you are doing this then.


1)      Shame on you. 

2)      You can ‘fix’ the script by adding the –nobatch argument to condor_q

3)      You can fix them properly by switching to using –af, –autoformat, -format or –pr (-print-format)


For those that really haven’t looked at 8.5 yet,  you should also be aware that by default condor_q will only show

jobs that were submitted by the user running condor_q unless


1)      the –allusers argument is passed (-all is sufficient)

2)      a job-id, cluster-id, submitter or the –submitters argument is passed

3)      condor_q is run by a user that is a member of QUEUE_SUPER_USERS

4)      configuring CONDOR_Q_ONLY_MY_JOBS = false


This public service announce has been brought to you by the HTCondor team and the letter Q.