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[HTCondor-users] çå: hooks

Dear John:

Here is my solution, not sure it is suitable for you.

I need to determine if the server has vc2015 runtime installed, so the attribute HAS_VC2015_X64 is added to STARTED_EXPRS.

In the startd configuration, add following lines:
HAS_VC2015_X64 = TRUE

In the submit file, add following lines:
Requirements = HAS_VC2015_X64 =?= True


发件人: HTCondor-users [mailto:htcondor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] 代表 John G Heim
发送时间: 2016年6月15日 0:29
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主题: [HTCondor-users] hooks

On the cluster I admin, there is a software package that is installed on all of the machines but is licensed on only some. I wrote a bash script that exits with an error code if the machine is not licensed. The script exits with an exit code of zero if the machine is licensed. When an end user tries to run the software on an unlicensed machine, it runs this script first and then prints instructions if the machine is unlicensed. 
Else it just runs the software.

For condor users, I would like to make a variable available that they can put in their requirements. I'm unclear on how to do that. The documentation for hooks has an example that seems to be similar to what I want. But I can't find any clear howtos on this.
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