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[HTCondor-users] proposed simplification to DAG priorities

We are proposing a change/simplification of how DAG node priorities are
determined in HTCondor.

Right now a node's priority is determined as follows:

  effective node prio = max(explicit node prio, parents' effective prios,
    DAG prio)

We propose to change the rule to this:

  effective node prio = explicit node prio + DAG prio
  (explicit node prio is 0 if not actually defined)

(Note that this change will mean that the priorities of a node's parent node(s) will no longer influence the priority of the node.)

Please let us know if this will cause problems for anyone (or if you think it's a good idea).

We think that the new, simpler, version will be easier to understand, and easier for other software, such as Pegasus, to deal with.

R. Kent Wenger (wenger@xxxxxxxxxxx, 608-262-6627,
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison