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[HTCondor-users] HTCondor helps LIGO confirm last unproven Albert Einstein theory

Just posted today on the HTCondor news feed on the front of the homepage (htcondor.org) is a link to the below article re LIGO's collaboration with HTCondor. It makes for an interesting read, thus I thought I'd send it out here as well. Several folks who lurk on this list are mentioned in the story! Thank you and congratulations to our LIGO collaborators!


HTCondor helps LIGO confirm last unproven Albert Einstein theory


This Morgridge Institute news article explains the back-story of HTCondor's role behind the recent announcement that scientists from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) unlocked the final door to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. More than 700 LIGO scientists have used HTCondor to run complex data analysis workflows, accumulating 50 million core-hours in the past six months alone.

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