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Re: [HTCondor-users] How to configure and use grid_resource = pbs

I too have been working on using condor to submit to the grid universe, in our case, we are sending to Grid Engine, specifically so that we can continue to use dagman workflows.


I initially started down the path of BOSCO, but found that ultimately, we didnât need the additional layer because in our setup, the machine where you run condor_submit is also a submit host to Grid Engine, so the qsub/qstat binaries are already present.  So, BOSCO added no value for us. 

You say that your machine does not have qsub/qstat, is it possible for them to be added?  If not, is it possible for the owners of your PBS environment to identify one machine that would be allowed to run condor?  If neither of those situations are viable, Iâm afraid I wonât be able to provide much help.


But one thing I can mention is that we ran into some scenarios where quoting around arguments can get a little hairy when you have interesting characters in the parameter values within your DAG.  We had to do some interesting manipulation of the arguments in the glite code to make everything work.


Good luck!




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I'm trying to figure out how to submit a job in the grid universe to PBS.  I've read: http://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/manual/v7.8/5_3Grid_Universe.html#SECTION00635000000000000000 and this presentation http://www.t2.ucsd.edu/twiki2/pub/Main/GlideinFactory1111/glideinWMS-Condor-G.pdf

I'm not clear how to configure gLite and GAHP for my use case - or if that would even work.  There's quite a bit of middleware and acronyms to get familiar with, so I would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction because maybe what I want isn't possible.

Can someone clarify:

- I have SSH access to PBS submission node with qsub/qstat binaries.  I do not have admin rights and cannot install additional packages on the PBS cluster.  My local workstation that will run condor_schedd does not have qsub/qstat, but I can install any other software.  Will glite and gahp work in this scenario?

- If the above doesn't work what needs to be installed on the PBS cluster side?

- How are HTCondor job description directives to transfer files handled (if at all)?

- How does bosco relate to glite and gahp?  Is there overlap in functionality?  Is it still used/supported/developed?  The download from http://bosco.opensciencegrid.org/download/ doesn't work and last commit to github is 3 years ago. Has it been merged into HTCondor (I see bosco binaries deployed with HTCondor)?

- Will dagman work with these types of jobs?