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Re: [HTCondor-users] User process tree w/PPID=1 : not valid (runaway/breakaway), confirmed?

Bonjour! Thank you!

condor_who returns output very much like qstat -n, including the PID 
column! So there's exactly what wanted (THANK YOU!) & can confirm those
cms457 process trees with PPID=1 are indeed not legit = kill them!

On Wed, 16 Mar 2016, Iain Bradford Steers wrote:
> Also is this htcondor cluster sandboxed by pid_namespaces and/or cgroups?
> You can tell from the worker-node by:
> ~]# condor_config_val USE_PID_NAMESPACES
root@sm09> condor_config_val USE_PID_NAMESPACES

> and
> ~]# condor_config_val BASE_CGROUP
root@sm09> condor_config_val BASE_CGROUP
Not defined: BASE_CGROUP

Just saw your reply Andrew - will look into that. Lots to learn.

pbs/tq/maui + htcondor Rosetta Stone anywhere??