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Re: [HTCondor-users] Amending the "environment" submit directive with new syntax

The $F() ‘fileparts’ expansion will strip quotes if you don’t pass ‘q’, so you can do


condor_submit -append 'environment="$F(ENVIRONMENT) DEF=456"'



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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Amending the "environment" submit directive with new syntax


Suppose you have a new-syntax environment directive like so:

environment = " ABC=123 "

And suppose you wanted to use an "-append" command line option to add another variable or two to the list:

condor_submit -append 'environment="$(ENVIRONMENT) DEF=456"'

You wind up with:

environment = " " ABC=123 " DEF=456"

... which is invalid, needless to say.

Is there some quick and clever best-practice approach to amending an existing new-syntax environment statement in a submit description? Or should I just use old syntax in this situation?


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