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Re: [HTCondor-users] Inconsistent execute dir permissions

But on the nodes, I see inconsistent execute directory ownership,
sometimes a mix of slot users and condor. Other times all owned by

Any idea how this would be happening? Log entries to look for? Ever seen
it before? Any config changes to try?

In addition to my questions before, be aware that indeed it could be normal owner as "condor" temporarily, but it shouldn't stay that way long (thus all my questions in previous post).

HTCondor does a stat() on the $(EXECUTE) directory to determine how the job sandbox should be created. If it is world-writable, we do a mkdir() as the user. If it is not, we do the mkdir() as condor then chown() it over to the user or slot-user, since we have no realy choice...

So if you are willing to make the $(EXECUTE) directory world-writable, HTCondor will avoid the chown from condor to user step.

Another couple quick questions:

- is your $(EXECUTE) directory on NFS with root-squash??

- do you have PRIVSEP_ENABLED=True in your condor_config on the execute nodes??? (note: PRIVSEP support in HTCondor is deprecated, unsupported, and soon to be removed from the code....)


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