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[HTCondor-users] enforce classad values in submit file

is there any way to enforce certain classads expressions in a submit file?

to be more specific, i want this classad to be used for every job and i want to prevent users from changing it:

request_memory = ifThenElse(MemoryUsage =!= UNDEFINED, ( MemoryUsage ) * 3 / 2, 1024)

users cannot modify their local htcondor configuration, so putting it there would work.

i tried to look around. i could use submit_attrs but if the expression would be specified differently in the submit file, the latter would win. same problem with JOB_DEFAULT_REQUESTMEMORY.

another possibility might be using SUBMIT_REQUIREMENT_.... so a job with a request_memory different from what is specified would be rejected. but the problem would be here, that the expression would be evaluated first, so i could not check for the ifthenelse expression, right?

thanks for your help!

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