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[HTCondor-users] ResidentSetSize

It would appear that the ResidentSetSize value does not immediately appear in the Job ClassAd as a job starts, but only some short time later. OK, I can live with that.

However, what is harder to understand is that we have seen instances where it will display a value of 27GB when a job starts! I was trying to use this on the schedd machine
   SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE = ResidentSetSize > 5000*RequestMemory
but that 27GB cut was killing the jobs. However, once I removed this from the schedd, similar jobs finished fine, with ClassAds reporting only about 2.7GB of final ResidentSetSize.

Has anyone seen this kind of thing before? How could this be real, and why does the ResidentSetSize not appear in the job ClassAd at job start?

We are running HTCondor 8.4.6 with cgroups enabled.

Thanks in advance,