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Re: [HTCondor-users] Possibility for setting default classad in scheduler


I think you might be looking for SUBMIT_ATTRS.  I copy/paste from the manual below:

A comma-separated and/or space-separated list of ClassAd attribute names for which the attribute and value will be inserted into all the job ClassAds that condor_submit creates. In this way, it is like the"+" syntax in a submit description file. Attributes defined in the submit description file with "+" will override attributes defined in the configuration file with SUBMIT_ATTRS. Note that adding an attribute to a job's ClassAd will not function as a method for specifying default values of submit description file commands forgotten in a job's submit description file. The command in the submit description file results in actions by condor_submit, while the use of SUBMIT_ATTRS adds a job ClassAd attribute at a later point in time. SUBMIT_EXPRS is a historic setting that functions identically to SUBMIT_ATTRS. It may be removed in the future, so use SUBMIT_ATTRS.

However, for your specific example, the better approach is to try the techniques in this section of the manual:


which discusses how to configure your cluster / jobs so executables are not transferred.


On May 24, 2016, at 10:28 PM, feih@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Dear HTCondor users:
We are now beginning to deploy HTCondor to young engineers for whom drafting job description file is a headache. Is there a way for setting default parameters in job description file through configuration of the scheduler.
For example, we need the line transfer_executable = False unless the user explicitly specified.
Thank you very much.
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