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Re: [HTCondor-users] about START and RANK

If A is true, then START is true B and C will never be evaluated.


START is a Boolean result that indicates whether a STARTD is willing to run a given job or not

RANK is an number that Indicates which jobs a STARTD would prefer. (higher is better)


Depending on other configuration, a STARTD may choose to preempt a job that it is currently running in order to run a job that it gives a higher RANK to.  The actual decision to preempt or not happens in the negotiator, which uses the RANK value published by the STARTD in its decision


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Dear all,


    I have a quetion about START.


         START = A || B || C

    if A == True,  does condor calculate  B and C continuely, or condor judge the START is True without considering B and C.

    Besides what's the difference between START and RANK.


    Thanks for help.



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