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[HTCondor-users] Multiple jobs in Idle state



My condor version is 8.2.10.

A single machine with 2 cores. There are 4 slots.


I’ve added 100 jobs to condor. Each job will run once 15 mins (cron_minute = 0,15,30,45 in job specification file). Each job will run for 10 minutes approximately and rescheduled.


Problem is only top 8 jobs (list from condor_q command) are picked up by condor for execution. Remaining jobs are in Idle state forever.


Why condor is not picking remaining job? not even once in a day. It should pick jobs in round robin scheduling.


Is there any configuration parameter for enabling this? so that all jobs should be picked up (in round robin scheduling) by condor at least once in an hour/day. J


I’ve made changes in job to run for only 1 min, but still max count of job picked up by condor is 24. My 76 jobs are never been picked up by condor.


Please suggest any solution for this.





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