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Re: [HTCondor-users] Fwd: URGENT - HTcondor condor_8.4.9-382747-ubuntu14_amd64.deb INFECTED - Benjamin.

On 11/11/2016 6:08 PM, Benjamin LIPERE wrote:

I did a scan with ESET too.
And same md5.

This probably is a false positive.

I am thinking the same thing.

Also I did have a strange behavior.
Once installed, the computers of my cluster keep shutting down themselve.
I am using the port 4445 for a shutdown/reboot script.
Does last version of htcondor use this port ?

No, unless you explicitly changed the configuration, HTCondor v8.4.x will use port 9618 (for the condor_collector) and ephemeral ports for everything else.

Re cluster nodes shutting themselves down:
Do you have "HIBERNATE" defined in your condor_config(s)?  I.e. if you do
  condor_config_val HIBERNATE
does it show anything? When HIBERNATE evaluates to True, HTCondor can shutdown the node or place it in a low power state (and then do a wake-on-lan later when it wants the node back). Of course this is NOT defined by default; you will have needed to explicitly enable it in your HTCondor configuration. See


You could check the tail of the log for the condor_master and/or condor_startd on a node that shutdown to see if there is any clues there, but I really doubt HTCondor is doing anything to shutdown your node. To find out where these files live, do
  condor_config_val master_log startd_log