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Re: [HTCondor-users] CCB problems and hight daemon load

Also the Collector, Negotiator and Scheduler get up to a daemon load of
100% and condor_q /condor_status became slow. However the machines has
free resources in memory and CPU.

All three of those daemons are single-threaded, so this is not unexpected.

The network between the VMs and the Collector looks stable. Our plan is
to start additional Collectors with CCBs. Would that help? How much
Collectors do we need and how we should configure our system?

The configuration at the URL below worked for 5,000 nodes from EC2, but except for the "network connectivity" section and the third line of the execute node configuration (TCP_FORWARDING_HOST), it applies to your situation:


I'm not sure about how fast we were adding nodes when we tested that, but that may be another factor increasing how many additional collectors to run; see the section labelled 'Tiered Collectors'.

- ToddM