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Re: [HTCondor-users] MAX_JOBS_PER_OWNER


Thanks to all of you for the support.


> On 04 ott 2016, at 20:13, Todd Tannenbaum <tannenba@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 10/3/2016 1:39 PM, Alessandro Italiano wrote:
>> Hi
>> thanks for the answer
>> thatâs the point, all the jobs are idle in the queue and even if the
>> user has reached his job limit in the queue
>> he can still continue to submit jobs
> Ok, we can now reproduce the problem !
> The bug only occurs if the jobs being submitted specify an accounting_group.  It took us a while to figure that out.  If accounting groups are not being used, then MAX_JOBS_PER_OWNER is properly enforced.
> Thank you Alessandro for reporting this issue to us!  We will attempt to get it fixed soon, hopefully for the next point release.  I created a ticket about this bug where you can follow progress and/or make remarks at:
>  https://htcondor-wiki.cs.wisc.edu/index.cgi/tktview?tn=5946
> regards,
> Todd
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