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Re: [HTCondor-users] Preserving output-transferred directory permissions?

On 9/28/2016 8:37 PM, Michael Pelletier wrote:
The output transfer process seems to be manipulating or applying a umask
to the file permissions on the directories it creates while transferring
output files back from scratch space.

Hi Michael,

At least on Linux/Mac platforms, for non-directory files, the output transfer process preserves the file permissions while ignoring the umask. Unfortunately, as you suspected, I think the code to preserve file permissions on subdirectories applies a umask of 022. There does not appear to be a knob to override this.

I think this is a bug. I will try to get it patched before our next point release. A ticket for this appears at


Thanks for reporting this issue.

hope the above helps,

For example, I submit a job which creates a directory and a subdirectory
and sets permissions:

transfer_input_files = /bin/mkdir

+PreCmd = "mkdir"

+PreArguments = "-p mode775dir/subdir"

transfer_output_files = mode775dir

executable = /bin/chmod

arguments = 775 mode775dir/subdir

transfer_executable = false

should_transfer_files = yes

I would expect that the output-transferred “subdir” would have mode 775,
with group-write permissions, since that’s what it was set to on the
exec node. However, it comes back with 755 permissions.

It does appear that there’s some manner of umask at work, because I can
set it to 700, 750, etc., and those permissions are preserved, but write
permissions for anyone but owner are apparently stripped during the
voyage from scratch space to initialdir.

Is there a knob for this? They’d like to have output data writable by
all members of the project team since it makes it easier for them to
manage their output data volume without superuser intervention. We run
all our stuff as owner due to our security audit requirements, so
there’s no concern connected with a translation from a slot uid to the
submitter uid. We just want to be able to set the right file permissions
on the output without having to do a DAG.

Thanks for any suggestions!

                -Michael Pelletier.

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