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Re: [HTCondor-users] Do not run jobs during work hours

The time zone is properly configured.


PREEMPT is configured:

PREEMPT                                             = ($(UWCS_PREEMPT) || KeyboardIdle < $(MINUTE))


I think I can add the workhour variable here:

PREEMPT                                             = ($(Workhours) || $(UWCS_PREEMPT) || KeyboardIdle < $(MINUTE))


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Be sure to double-check your system time zone â if you have your machine set to UTC as it should be, in order to avoid daylight savings time affecting log timestamp continuity, your work hour start and end times will be off one or two hours in the Netherlands, depending on the time of year.


I set up STARTD_ATTRS for IsWeekday, IsDaytime, IsBusinessHours, and their opposites, which allows the users to reference them in their submit descriptions, and helps simplify the syntax a bit: IsBusinessHours = ( IsDaytime && IsWeekday), and IsAfterHours = ( IsNighttime || IsWeekend ).


In addition, if you donât have preemption configured, then a job which starts at 6:59am will continue to run to completion, and if it runs for three hours, it will still be running at 9:30pm.


                -Michael Pelletier.



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