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[HTCondor-users] Arguments to condor_submit

The docs forÂcondor_submitÂgive this syntax:

condor_submit -remote <schedd name> -pool <collector name> submit_file

-remote schedd_name
Submit to the specified condor_schedd, spooling all required input files over the network connection. schedd_name is the value of the Name ClassAd attribute on the machine where the condor_schedd daemon runs. This option is equivalent to using both -name and -spool. 
-pool pool_name
Look in the specified pool for the condor_schedd to submit to. This option is used with -name or -remote. 

What specifically do I pass in forÂ<schedd name>ÂandÂ<collector name>?

Sorry if this is a very basic question, but I am new to condor and I have googled and googled and have not found the answer to this.