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Re: [HTCondor-users] Problems with submit node in version 8.6.0


Unfortunately, this does not work in all environments.  We are an NFS/NIS set of systems.  Without the fix you have suggested, condor_q works for the submitter or a queue super user directly from the submitting host but not from any other node (where one would have to use the -g flag).  However, after setting the two variables below, condor_q does not even work from the submitting node.

An analysis of the logs (without the fix) shows that âcondor_q -gâ from a non-submitting node fails because no authentication method works.  We use âFSâ authentication which works for 8.4 in our NFS environment on RHEL 7.3 with SELinux enabled, but fails for 8.6.0.


Andy Feldt
Senior System Support Programmer
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics & Astronomy
The University of Oklahoma

On Feb 1, 2017, at 6:27 AM, Zach Miller <zmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is indeed a problem, related to the new behavior of having condor_q show only the jobs for the user running condor_q.

Unfortunately, itâs not as simple as running âcondor_q âallusersâ to return to the old behavior.  For the time being, if you want to use 8.6.0 youâll need to change:


This does add some overhead in terms of network traffic, but it does work.  Weâll take a deeper look at how to address this, but in the meantime I just wanted to put that workaround out there.


On 2/1/17, 12:22 AM, "HTCondor-users on behalf of Greg.Hitchen@xxxxxxxx" <htcondor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Greg.Hitchen@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

   Hi All

   Thought I'd have a look at the latest stable release but have had some issues/problems.
   I have tried this on win7 32 bit with 32 bit condor 8.6.0, win7 64 bit with 32 bit condor 8.6.0,
   win2008 server 64 bit with 32 bit condor 8.6.0, and win2008 server 64 bit with 64 bit condor 8.6.0
   Lastly I have tried it on Ubuntu1604  64 bit.
   I have the same problem with all of the above combinations.

   Security: host based

   I'm testing the 8.6.0 version using the same condor_config files that work for 8.4.4 (and previous versions).

   If I try a condor_q command on the submit node  for 8.6.0 I get:

   -- Failed to fetch ads from: <> : WIN2008-GJH9-VC.nexus.csiro.au

   If I run the 8.4.4 condor_q executable it works and I get:

   -- Schedd: WIN2008-GJH9-VC.nexus.csiro.au : <

   0 jobs; 0 completed, 0 removed, 0 idle, 0 running, 0 held, 0 suspended

   In fact I can run the 8.4.4 version of condor_q from any other submit node using the -name option
   and that works OK as well.

   Turning on FULL_DEBUG gives the following in the schedd log file:
   01/31/17 15:27:33 Calling Handler <DaemonCommandProtocol::WaitForSocketData> (6)
   01/31/17 15:27:33 Failed to read end of message from <>; 310 untouched bytes.
   01/31/17 15:27:33 AUTHENTICATE: handshake failed!
   01/31/17 15:27:33 DC_AUTHENTICATE: Our security policy is invalid!
   01/31/17 15:27:33 Return from Handler <DaemonCommandProtocol::WaitForSocketData> 0.000196s

   The above bit about "Failed to read end of message" seems strange? As does the AUTHENTICATE
   lines. For reference we have the following config lines some of which should turn off authentication?

   If I install 8.6.0 from the msi windows installer file (rather than just unzipping), and therefore use
   the generated condor_config file then condor_q works OK.

   I have painstakingly compared the output from condor_config_val -dump- verbose for 8.6.0
   using both our 8.4.4 config files and the 8.6.0 generated config files and cannot see many
   differences, and those don't "appear" to be important.

   I've tried using the generated condor_config and renaming our 8.4.4 condor_config to condor_config.local
   but then the condor_q error is back again.

   Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.



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