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Re: [HTCondor-users] Idle Jobs

On 02/07/2017 10:09 AM, Knudson, Jonathan wrote:
I have a user here that has submitted 20,000 jobs.  I have updated most of our pool to 8.6 including the CM and submit node.  Jobs are running only on a machine that is still on 8.4.10.  My first thought is to downgrade back to 8.4.10.  Any help is appreciated.

Here is a snip of the StartLog on one of the machines.

02/07/17 09:01:09 slot1: Called deactivate_claim()
02/07/17 09:01:09 Starter pid 144155 exited with status 0
02/07/17 09:01:09 slot1: State change: starter exited


These lines show that the job is starting correctly, but something is preempting it.  Can you send me a shadow and starter log for this same timeframe?  (Offlist, if you prefer).