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[HTCondor-users] Problem with condor_pid_ns_init

Hi all,

We're trying to use PID NAMESPACES, but I'm seeing the following error in my starter logs:

02/07/17 18:08:42 (pid:6967) ERROR "Starter configured to use PID NAMESPACES, but libexec/condor_pid_ns_init did not run properly" at line 771 in file /slots/15/dir_2683933/userdir/.tmpCdykJF/BUILD/condor-8.6.0/src/condor_starter.V6.1/vanilla_proc.cpp

The program exists and is executable:

[root@CRUSH-SUGWG-OSG-10-5-149-17 ~]# locate condor_pid_ns_init
[root@CRUSH-SUGWG-OSG-10-5-149-17 ~]# less /usr/libexec/condor/condor_pid_ns_init
"/usr/libexec/condor/condor_pid_ns_init" may be a binary file.  See it anyway? 

[root@CRUSH-SUGWG-OSG-10-5-149-17 ~]# /usr/libexec/condor/condor_pid_ns_init
[root@CRUSH-SUGWG-OSG-10-5-149-17 ~]# echo $?

[root@CRUSH-SUGWG-OSG-10-5-149-17 ~]# /usr/libexec/condor/condor_pid_ns_init -help


Any ideas?



Duncan Brown                         http://dbrown10.expressions.syr.edu
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