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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_q in 8.6

Hi all,

Which leads me to a question I have been meaning to ask.

 Is there?  Or could there be a page somewhere that showed some example
-format commands? 

It could include the proper format conversion for the standard options
like the one being asked about and could also maybe allow other users to
include their favorites that they have created?  I think that would help
new users get going with format options ‹ plus there are so many options
where someone else may have created a really cool and useful format using
some option that I did not know about.

  I thought I saw something like that at one point, but I have not been
able to find it.


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On 2/9/17, 3:41 PM, "HTCondor-users on behalf of Duncan Brown"
<htcondor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of dabrown@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi all,
>condor_q before 8.6 would let me combine -dag and -run so that I could
>see the node name and the host that the job is running on:
>dbrown10@its-condor-submit:~$ condor_q -wide -dag -run
>-- Schedd: its-condor-submit.syr.edu : <
>72497086.0   kborziak        2/7  18:33   1+21:02:31
>72688584.0    |-EOG090O0JAV.f 2/8  21:59   0+17:34:16
>72693295.0    |-EOG090O048D.f 2/8  22:57   0+16:24:51
>72693327.0    |-EOG090O02BQ.f 2/8  22:58   0+16:26:47
>72694740.0    |-EOG090O0NTN.f 2/8  23:18   0+16:07:54
>72697244.0    |-EOG090O0D04.f 2/8  23:51   0+15:42:27
>72700895.0    |-EOG090O083I.f 2/9  00:36   0+14:50:46
>However, I can't get both the node name and the run host displayed in 8.6
>(with -nobatch). -dag and -run seem mutually exclusive:
>condor_q -nobatch -run gives host names, but no node names.
>condor_q -nobatch -dag gives node names, but no host names.
>condor_q -nobatch -dag -run gives the same output as condor_q -nobatch
>-dag, so no host names.
>Is this a regression, or expected new behavior and I should try and roll
>my own -format?
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