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Re: [HTCondor-users] How can I resolve this permission error?

On 2/5/2017 5:52 PM, Minjun Hong wrote:
Hello, I'm a newbie on HTCondor, so I installed it and am doing the

Which tutorial?

However, when I submit a job, the job was held because of 'permission
denied error(errno 13)'.

So HTCondor complained that it failed to open /home/condor/test.out due to permissions.

It looks like, as user "nickeys", you ran condor_submit inside of directory /home/condor. Perhaps there already exists a /home/condor/test.out file with a different owner/permissions? What does
  ls -l /home/condor/test.out
When logged in as nickeys, what does "touch /home/condor/test.out" say?

How big is your pool? Did the job try to run on the same machine where you submitted it or a different machine?