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Re: [HTCondor-users] Efficiency & centralization of global information gathering?


Thanks for that suggestion! For my FlexLM problem, I just wrote a quick Perl script which you call like so:

	flexlm2classad lmstat -a

This runs the "lmstat -a" command (or you can feed it flexlm data on stdin), and converts it into a ClassAd that looks like so:

MyType = "Generic"
Name = "FlexLM"
FlexLM_Available_a_spaceclaim_dirmod = 6
FlexLM_Available_acfd = 3	
FlexLM_Available_acfd_flo = 1
FlexLM_Available_agppi = 8

The identifier is the feature name for each license, and it's derived from the "Users of" lines like so:

Users of a_spaceclaim_dirmod:  (Total of 8 licenses issued;  Total of 2 licenses in use)

Then this can be pulled out for use by a startd_cron job or what have you with:

	condor_status -any -constraint 'Name == "FlexLM"' -af:lrng FlexLM_Available_a_spaceclaim_dirmod

I noticed that in the help output for condor_advertise, there's a "MERGE_STARTD_AD" option, but it's not mentioned in the man page and it doesn't seem to let me add an attribute to an existing startd ad even if I structure it as a Query type like the invalidate commands. Maybe someone from the CHTC pantheon can enlighten us on this point.

	-Michael Pelletier.

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Hi Michael,

I've found this to be best solved outside of Condor.

1. Have a regular cron job *somewhere* fetch the data once.
2. Provide that data via files on shared filesystems.
3. Have startd_cron read from the file.
4. ???
5. Profit

The trick is just to have 1. and 3. separate. There's no problem having 1. create proper classad already, and 3. just using cat.

Note that using files for 2. is historical laziness on my part:
You can just as well publish this information via custom ClassAds. I think condor_advertise with UPDATE_AD_GENERIC should do the trick.