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[HTCondor-users] condor_defrag only some machines?

i just turned on condor_defrag on my pool, we have a mixture of single
core jobs and full node jobs in the queue presently.  and as expected
the full node jobs are backed up and not running behind the single
core jobs

the defragging seems to be churning along, but it only seems to drain
a subset of nodes over all the others.

my defrag config in condor is the defaults out of the box and we're
100% partitionable slots (cpu/memory/gpus) on the pool (which is the
same on all nodes).  we're running condor 8.4.7 on linux

is there something i can run that will tell me why defrag is picking
certain nodes or subsequently something that will tell me why defrag
is ignoring other nodes?

as best i can tell it's trying to defrag nodes, except the full node
jobs waiting require a certain set of nodes which defrag doesn't seem
to be touching