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[HTCondor-users] Compute personal variables in sub file

Hi all,

For now we are running a Condor 8.2.2 with partitionable slots configuration.

Is there a way to say that, for a job, we want to request twice as much memory as the CPU number (in G)?
For example, if I request 5 CPUs, I would also like to request 10G of memory.

From the documentation, I understood that we can only use directly a variable that we set. Example:
ncpus = 10
request_cpus = $(ncpus)

Or compute a variable from a ClassAd one. Example:
arguments = --memory $$([TARGET.Memory * 0.9])

Is there a way to do something like that?
ncpus = 10
request_memory = $$[$(ncpus) * 2048])

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