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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor moving from 8.4.4 to 8.6.3 - authentication issues

Hi Greg,

This is related to:

which was added in 8.5.8, so affects all of the 8.6.X series and none of the 8.4.X.

In 8.4, we relied on the HTCondor admin to set their configuration properly to assure secure transmission of credentials.  After 8.5.8, we instead made HTCondor actually enforce this instead of relying on the config.  (Which is why you see the SEC_AUTHENTICATION="REQUIRED" show up in the logs you sent)

This is a problem for you since your config has apparently been set up to disable all security mechanisms.

You'll basically have to enable security negotiation, authentication, and encryption for this to work, although there are ways to do this in a "light weight" way using, say CLAIMTOBE authentication.

If you want to take this off-line I'd be happy to help recommend a new config.