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[HTCondor-users] Suppressing output to error log files


I was wondering if anyone knew of any way to suppress the output to the error (stderr) output log files, specified in the .sub file. At the moment we are using condor to run a gstreamer based job that is dealing with a few hundred streams and so any warning that appears will be printed a large number of times. From recent runs we were reached error log files of ~100MBs within 10 minutes, and this job needs to be run continuously.

When running from the command line we're able to to do some piping such as:

$ commandÂÂ|& grep -v 'XLAL\|GSL\|Generic'

Is there anyway of repeating this process with condor?

Thanks, Duncan


Duncan Meacher, PhD
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Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos
Department of Physics
Pennsylvania State University
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