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[HTCondor-users] Issued with condor_ssh_to_job

Hello all


I am having some difficulties using condor_ssh_to_job, getting the error message:


ssh proxy communication failure: Failed to set socket to non-blocking mode.

ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host


I have seen this error earlier, but then we found the problem relating to using csh-shells. Adding ‘env SHELL=/bin/sh’ solved it that time.


Now years have passed since we last were using the condor_ssh_to_job function, and we are wanting to start doing it again and this problem arises. I was told at that time that the above mentioned bug would be fixed, which I assume it has been. The fix applied that time does not seem to work now.


I have update the condor_config files on both submitting and executing machines to




However the same problem persists. I also tried commenting out these lines and I get the same error message from condor_ssh_to_job. I quite confused now, perhaps someone out there have some advice.


We are currently running a very old version of condor, 7.4.4. It has been working nicely for years, so I have not bothered to upgrade. This could ofcourse be the root cause here, but is has worked in the past though.





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