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Re: [HTCondor-users] Determining DAGman retry number


> Is there a way to get the DAGman retry number for a job from it's ClassAd? I want the number that's printed in dagman.out:

> 02/26/17 20:54:20 Retrying node inspiral-IMBHIMRPHENOMD_INJ-H1_ID513_ID0091456 (retry #1 of 3)...

> NumJobRestarts doesn't work for me, as a retried job has a different condor id. I want to make a ClassAd that controls submission site and depends on the number of times a job has been retried.

Without doing any thing "special" there's no way to do that.

However, if you do this in your DAG file:

  VARS ALL_NODES +NodeRetryNum = "$(RETRY)"

you should end up with a NodeRetryNum attribute for all of your node jobs.