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[HTCondor-users] Call for Participation: IC2E 2017

The Fifth IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E 2017)
April 4-7, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

IC2E is the premier IEEE conference for cloud computing research and development that spans the scope of entire cloud stack, and offers an end-to-end perspective on the challenges and technologies in cloud computing. The main conference of IC2E 2017 offers posters and presentations for papers from both research and industry track. The conference will feature the following keynotes:Â

- Amazon Aurora: a look under the hoods (Debanjan Saha, AWS)
- Keeping up with the architects: Software evolution for dense datacenters (Andrew Warfield, UBC)
- Advances in Optimistic Concurrency Control (Johannes Gehrke, Microsoft)

In addition to the main conference, IC2E 2017 will co-host a series of exciting events, including:

- the First IEEE Blockchain Summit (http://blockchain.ieee.org/2017-blockchain-summit/);
- the Third International IEEE Workshop on Legal and Technical Issues in Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (CLaw 2017, http://www.claw-workshop.org/);
- the Third International IEEE Workshop on Container Technologies and Container Clouds (WoC 2017, http://researcher.watson.ibm.com/researcher/view_group.php?id=7476).

Tutorials will be offered on:
- Cloud Computing for Science and Engineering: Scaling Science in the Cloud.
- Parallelizing Trajectory Stream Analysis on Cloud Platforms;
- Building Secure Cloud Architectures and Ecosystems Using Patterns;

A doctoral symposium will also be included within the event. More details of the conference program can be found at http://conferences.computer.org/IC2E/2017/program.htm

IC2E 2017 will take place on the Vancouver campus of Simon Fraser University. We thank our colleagues who have contributed to the program, and invite all to participate in this conference. If you are interested in attending, register now before fee increases after March 15.