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Re: [HTCondor-users] QUERY_SCHEDD_ADS from workers in sub-collector logs

On 3/23/2017 1:26 PM, Vladimir Brik wrote:

I've been observing the following entries in the log files of our tiered

==> Collector3Log <==
03/23/17 13:12:57 Got QUERY_SCHEDD_ADS
03/23/17 13:12:57 (Sending 0 ads in response to query)
03/23/17 13:12:57 Query info: matched=0; skipped=0; query_time=0.000043;
send_time=0.000038; type=Scheduler; requirements={( ( Name ==
"bladeh2.zeuthen.desy.de" ) )}; peer=<>; projection={}

What are the startds (I presume) trying to do here?

Since we have tiered/sub-collectors, it seems like queries like these
will always return nothing, since only worker nodes report to them
(i.e., pool schedds, for example, use the main collector). Is this
correct? Is this a problem?

Do you have one such query per execute node every 24 hours? I.e. did you have a similar query to the above from bladeh2.zeuthen yesterday 3/22/17 at about 13:12 pm ?

Every 24 hours, the condor_master spawns condor_preen, and condor_preen cleans up files left behind in log, spool, execute, etc. I bet the above is coming from condor_preen when it cleans up any stale/old files left behind in the SPOOL directory. In the source for condor_preen at https://is.gd/nOC73H it looks like it attempts to connect to a schedd running on the local machine (which could cause such a collector query esp if there is no schedd running there) so it can certain to not clean out any files in SPOOL that are still required by the local condor_schedd.

TL;DR : I don't think the above will cause you any problems.



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