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Re: [HTCondor-users] the slot is occupied by one user all the time

There is a corner case that can happen especially if you are using partitionable slots.

If there are no other users in the pool who have jobs that match the requirements of the slot, then

the low priority user will keep on matching to that slot.  We see this effect because most of our priority

users run 8-core jobs while the opportunistic low priority (high prio factor) users run 1 core job.

As long as there is a 1-core slot out there and the user who requested 1 core job has jobs in the queue

then it will keep on matching to that slot, even if CLAIM_WORKLIFE is short.  Only solution is an aggressive defrag.

Steve Timm

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Subject: [HTCondor-users] the slot is occupied by one user all the time
Dear all,
    In our environment, some slots have been used by one user. when this user's jobs were completed, the slots used by this user will normally release and return idle.  But sometimes,  these slots were still allocated to the same user, how can we solve it?
    What's more, this user's priority value is one large number, mapping to very low priority. And at the same time, there were many users with higher priority.
    What could be the possible reasons?
    Wish your reply. Thanks.

Best regards,
Jiang Xiaowei

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