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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_history showing RemoteHost ClassAd attribute

On 5/8/2017 7:36 AM, Koschmieder, Lukas wrote:

I've noticed that condor_history occasionally shows the "RemoteHost"
ClassAd attribute for terminated jobs.

  [root@lukas /]# condor_history 42 -long
  JobStatus = 4
  RemoteHost = "slot1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Shouldn't "RemoteHost" be removed (or replaced by "LastRemoteHost") when
a job is terminated?

  [root@lukas /]# condor_version
  $CondorVersion: 8.6.2 Apr 23 2017 BuildID: 404257 $
  $CondorPlatform: x86_64_RedHat7 $


Hi Lukas,

Thanks for reporting the above. It is a minor bug. Look like it can occur if a job just happens to complete while the schedd is in the process of a graceful shutdown.

While I don't think it causes any significant problems, it is also easy to fix. I'll add a patch that should appear starting with v8.6.4+ / v8.7.2+.

Details and progress visible here: