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Re: [HTCondor-users] Fw:Can condor_exec get the slot number when running?

On 5/16/2017 6:57 AM, çå wrote:
   I installed two GPUs on one machine,and want to bind each GPU to a
slot,for example,
There are GPU0 and GPU1, and i modified condor config, slot1@yffs and
slot2@yffs can be found on the same machine.

I want all the jobs running by condor (condor_exec) get the slot number
of which it is running on,
So that I can manual bind the GPU with the slot.

Is there any way to bind each GPU to a slot?
Or just get the slot number when condor_exec running?

Thanks very much

Append the following line to the condor_config on your execute machines:

  use feature : GPUs

By default, this will evenly distribute GPU devices across your static slots, and also set up the environment variables for CUDA (and i think OpenCL) to bind programs running on that slot to the device. In other words, I think adding this one line will do exactly what you want.

More details and other options can be found in the HTCondor HOWTO recipes; specifically see