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Re: [HTCondor-users] Preventing HTCondor assignment of a given GPU based on GPU state policy?

You can configure




to prevent HTCondor from assigning that GPU to a slot.





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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Preventing HTCondor assignment of a given GPU based on GPU state policy?


Hi folks,


I’m working on getting a new exec node stood up with multiple GPUs, for use by job which need dedicated GPU assignment – a first in our pools. Other jobs I’ve dealt with had an internal lock and queue mechanism to be able to share all the GPUs on the system, so I didn’t need to worry about HTCondor assignments.


I’d like to be able to prevent HTCondor from assigning a GPU that’s already in use by a non-HTCondor process to one of its jobs. I wrote a wrapper for nvidia-smi which pulls in an ad like so:


hostname$ /user/condor/libexec/condor_nvidia_probe

CUDA0FreeGlobalMemory = 2441

CUDA0UtilizationPct = 100

CUDA1FreeGlobalMemory = 4031

CUDA1UtilizationPct = 0

CUDA2FreeGlobalMemory = 4031

CUDA2UtilizationPct = 0

CUDA3FreeGlobalMemory = 4031

CUDA3UtilizationPct = 0

CUDAFreeGlobalMemory = 14534

CUDAUtilization = 25.0



(This might be a good addition to condor_gpu_discovery, a “-utilization” argument.)

So in the above case, I’d like to prevent any HTCondor job from being assigned the CUDA0 device since it’s 100% used, and preferably advertise one fewer GPU available on the system. Is there any means to do this? I’ve been mulling the kinds of expressions I think I might need and my brain is starting to hurt a bit.


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