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[HTCondor-users] "include command : " in configuration files

Dear HTCondor experts,

I am now using a statement like:
include command : /some/shell/script
(i.e. without cache) in a configuration file to set a variable which is later used to define SINGULARITY_IMAGE_EXPR, i.e. the images used for jobs. 
We want these to be updated according to an external file stored on CVMFS, which is edited on a different host, so the "polling" is actually necessary. 

I am wondering, though, how often "/some/shell/script" is actually called. 
The documentation only states:
"If the into option is not used, the command line will be executed every time the configuration file is referenced. "
From this, I would have guessed this happens as often as a daemon is restarted (in this case, the condor_startd). 

However, it seems that this happens more often - does it happen each time *any* configuration parameter is queried? 
Is there a regular, minimal refresh interval? 

Many thanks and all the best,

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