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[HTCondor-users] Roadmap for support of NVIDIA Volta's new MPS capability

I'm looking at the new capability for NVIDIA GPUs starting in the recently-launched Volta architecture and the 9.0 CUDA Toolkit called the "Multi-Process Service."

This allows the driver to arbitrate sharing a single GPU among multiple processes. Looks like they finally heeded Miron's advice!

Here's the overview documentation:


It looks like it should be reasonably straightforward to pull the GPU shares managed by MPS into the HTCondor machine ClassAd and advertise them as separate "virtual" GPUs in condor_gpu_discovery, but what would be more interesting is the possibility of treating the GPU as a partitionable resource, by having HTCondor manage the MPS daemon or something like that.

We'll be getting a new machine with half a dozen NVIDIA V100 cards in it at the end of November for the Machine Learning folks, so I'll keep folks apprised.

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