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[HTCondor-users] Quota changes for one group without(?) effect

Hi all,

we have currently an issue with our dynamic group quotas (for grid jobs
via ARC CEs), which I do not understand.
From our three main users, user BAZ got/occupied suddenly about half of
our slots while having a significant nominal smaller share than users
FOO and BAR.
To curb BAZ's enthusiam, we changed for testing the dynamic quotas on
the negotiator to

without much of an effect.

One difference between the users is, that BAZ runs only single slot
jobs, FOO somewhat 1:1 single and 8slot jobs (so slot rate 1:8) and BAR
only 8slot jobs - so one idea might be, that the single- vs. multi-core
use pattern somehow distorts the share distribution (but than it worked
fine before for the ratio between FOO and BAR)

As far as I see, the ifthenelse nesting of the X509 DNs into the group
names should be OK [1] (at least the brackets match). Also BAZ DN should
match and if not should be covered by the OTHERS group as well.

So, I wonder, why BAZ still gets ~50% of the slots? Maybe somebody has
an idea for me?

Cheers and thanks,

DESYAcctGroup = ifThenElse(x509UserProxyVOName =?= "FOO","group_FOO", \
                ifThenElse(x509UserProxyVOName =?= "BAR","group_BAR", \
                ifThenElse(x509UserProxyVOName =?= "BAZ","group_BAZ", \
                ifThenElse(x509UserProxyVOName =?= "MINOR1",
"group_MINOR1", \
..., \
"group_OTHER" ))))))))))))

DESYAcctSubGroup = ifThenElse(regexp("desyplt",Owner), "desyplt", \
                   ifThenElse(regexp("desyprd",Owner), "desyprd", \
                   ifThenElse(regexp("desysgm",Owner), "desysgm", \
                   ifThenElse(regexp("desyusr",Owner), "desyusr", \
                   ifThenElse(regexp("FOO",Owner) && RequestCpus > 1,
"FOO_multicore", \
                   ifThenElse(regexp("BAR",Owner) && RequestCpus > 1,
"BAR_multicore", \
                   ifThenElse(regexp("BAZ",Owner) && RequestCpus > 1,
"BAZ_multicore", \
                                                       "other" )))))))

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