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[HTCondor-users] Delaying job starts for a cluster of jobs


One of our user would like to run 100 jobs, ten by ten (well limited by
the concurrency_limits) but at the time when the job is submitted, the
first 10 jobs start running at the same time and for 1 minute, they are
loading heavy data and freeze the cluster.
So we would like to start them only one per minute. Of course, the ten
first don't finish exactly at the same time for the 90 last ones, we
don't experience this problem.

I've read stuff about "next_job_start_delay" but I can't make it work
(and by the way, I can't find the "MAX_NEXT_JOB_START_DELAY" in our
config, is it a problem). And I've also read that "next_job_start_delay"
is not used anymore.
For now, the user managed to do it using deferral mechanism but it's not
very elegant!


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