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Re: [HTCondor-users] Hook job classad stdin?

I'm making periodic_* decisions based on the information so I don't want to end up waiting fifteen minutes for a delayed update, and also want to avoid spamming the job's Log file with "attribute X was changed from 123 to 123" messages.

I thought I'd save some work by slurping the standard input ad, but looks like I just need to switch to using condor_chirp get_job_attr calls to verify current values instead of the stdin ad.


	-Michael Pelletier.

> -----Original Message-----
> Hi Michael,
> I know this is not answering your question (I am not Mr. Job Info Hook),
> but I can tell you that there is practically no overhead involved in doing
> a condor_chirp set_job_attr_delayed command.  In other words, if you can
> chirp with set_job_attr_delayed instead of set_job_attr, I wouldn't worry
> optimizing to avoid re-chirping things that have not changed.
> Hope the above helps
> Todd