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Re: [HTCondor-users] incorrect values returned by condor_status

Could also be that the machine "bridges" is in trouble and the jobs are starting there, dying, getting disconnected, etc.  (it takes a while

for the schedd to give up on a disconnected job and it will still show in condor_q -run, even though it is no longer on the machine).

If so, StarterLog.* on "bridges" and/or ShadowLog on your schedd will tell the sory.


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The most likely reason I could see for this would be the schedd and collector update at different times when a new job starts.  If there are machines starting new jobs frequently, then the responses you get from the Schedd will be a bit ahead of what you see in the Collector.


I would be interested in knowing if there are specific slots that consistently show up in the schedd but not in the collector.   try correlating the output of


  condor_status -const ‘regexp(“bridges”,Machine)’ -af Name


And the output of


  condor_q -all -const ‘regexp(“bridges”,RemoteHost)’ -af RemoteHost


Are there slots that show up in the condor_q output but not the condor_status output?  If so, are these slots newly created? or have they been around for a while?


If the collector is dropping updates, then you *might* see fewer slots in the collector than you see in the schedd – but you would also expect to see that reflected in the collector statistics.


you could try running


condor_status -collector -long | grep UpdatesLost


Is the collector showing dropped updates?







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Subject: [HTCondor-users] incorrect values returned by condor_status


Dear list,


I have a bunch of glideins running on a machine called bridges .

I poll the number of jobs slots using: condor_status -const ‘regexp(“bridges”,Machine)’

The numbers I get are considerably lower than those I get with condor_q -nobatch | grep -c bridges

The numbers given by the condor_q command are consistent with the number of glideins x job slots that I can see running.

The numbers given by the condor_q command are consistent with the number of condor_shadows I see in the process list..


Any thoughts about this?

Is there a problem with the condor_status command as I’m using it?

Is there an error I could have made in configuring the glideins so their jobs slots are not being counted by condor_status?


Thanks - Don