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Re: [HTCondor-users] reporting bugs in condor-python bindings

Hi Xin,

Thank you for the clarifications.

I guess I was not clear enough in my previous email and I would like to make some clarification here. When I tried the htcondor python bindings installed by RPM, I was using python 2.6. The daemon crashed at a place when a new empty list was being created in python, and the error message and the full stack trace were posted in my previous email. >
Ignoring the Python 3 attempts for a bit and focusing just on Python 2...

So when you ran using the bindings in the RPM with Python 2.6 and had a crash, were you also using HTCondor v8.6.6 or some other version? I ask because in HTCondor v8.6.6 we upgraded the version of Boost.Python used in HTCondor. Did your Python 2 attempts also run successfully for a few (minutes/hours/days?) before the crash? Are you able to easily artificially reproduce the crash perhaps by having your daemon hit the python bindings at a high frequency (i.e. remove any sleep or event waits in your daemon so it continuously hits the bindings) ?

One last thought is we did clean up a few other misc things in HTCondor v8.7 while doing the work to enable Python 3... I wonder if the same problems still persist if you tried running your daemon with HTCondor v8.7.3+ instead of HTCondor v8.6....

While we do have a whole bunch of regression tests for our HTCondor Python bindings, it looks like we need to add some long running testing... (and/or figure out how to use tools like Coverity/Valgrind in the Boost.Python environment... shudder...)

Thanks again Xin for reporting all this and your help,